Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Zen Bastard's Reply to an Ordinary Bloke

My thesis is that FM Alexander is the Bodhidharma of our age; that he re-discovered the secret of Zen for our time.

In formulating and putting forward this thesis over the past 12 years, I have met most difficult and troublesome opposition from two Zen masters: Gudo Nishijima and Michael Luetchford.

I cannot complain about this. This is inevitably how the quest for truth progresses: thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis. (I can't complain but sometimes I still do -- life's been good to me so far.)

My thesis, in short, is that the secret of Zen is summed up by Alexander's one word "allow."

Responding to my thesis, an ordinary bloke called Peter, who is a Zen disciple of Michael Luetchford, asked me (on my Fukan-zazengi blog):

While sitting I have “felt” the opposition between the down pull of gravity and the direction up. Is this the same as allowing of antagonistic directions?

This is my reply:

Your question, Peter, is a very good one. But if you are really sincere in your desire to ask it, it will cost you 3 years and over £12,000 just as a beginning.

FM Alexander was a great human being, one who stands alongside Bodhidharma. But compared to Taiso Eka, who am I? And compared to Taiso Eka, who are you?


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